Welcome to the Vocaloid Songs Wikia! Edit

This wiki is dedicated to songs by Vocaloids. We cover mostly songs by Crypton vocaloids. 

Vocaloid is a software that was first made in 2004, by Zero-G. They released two Vocaloids known as Leon and Lola. Later on, Miriam was released, and then the first vocaloids by Crypton, Meiko and Kaito, were released. Later on, in Vocaloid 2, Sweet Ann was released, and then Hatsune Miku was out. She became very popular, and so more Vocaloids came out. No matter which one came out, Hatsune Miku was and still is one of the most popular vocaloids of all time. 

World is mine - live HD - Hatsune Miku02:53

World is mine - live HD - Hatsune Miku

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